Goldieland Studio offers custom and handmade glassware created to imbue and support the empowerment of women into our daily life.

Goldieland Studio’s new design line focuses on creating functional and beautiful objects that bring a sense of beauty to any space. Each piece that I create is unique, made by hand and with exceptional care. I have been practicing the art of glass flameworking since 2009, developing glass objects in the context of installation, sculpture and performance. I started Goldieland Studio with the intention of creating custom-made objects that embody an experience of beauty and empowerment.  Through the hand sculpting process, each piece is made with care, inspired by my culture as a Filipina woman. It draws particularly on the Philippine precolonial priestess the Babaylan, who represents alignment with natural principles and is celebrated today as a feminist symbol of the renewed Filipina woman.


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